Utrecht2040 – Gaming Towards a Sustainable Future

The game


The participants have to answer 16 statements. After answering these statements, the students will receive their Sustainable Development Goals profile. Can they find themselves in this profile? The profile will evolve during the game.

The game will be played together in a team. The teams can vary in size. Participants form their teams in the app, after which they go outside and play.

Nano talks
The participants start playing the game by watching a nano talk. This is a very small lecture about a certain topic by a sustainability expert. Based on this nano talk, the participants can do challenges in the city that they are in.

In order to complete a challenge, the participants have to take pictures of their solutions and upload these. Along with the solutions, they note their thoughts and tag 3 SDG’s that they find most suited for their solution. For uploading a solution, participants receive Quality of Life points.

Solutions on the map
The uploads of the teams will be marked on a map by a flags. The participants can click on the flags to also see each other’s uploads. If they believe something to be a good upload, they can validate it by liking one of the tagged SDGs. For liking the solutions of others, the participants will also receive Quality of Life points. If pictures are inappropriate, they can report them.

BONUS: The five most liked uploads get a golden flag. Each golden flag will receive 400 extra Quality of Life points by the end of the game.